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The Blueprint of Beauty

La Bella Sage is a Woman Owned Health and Beauty Boutique Catering to Skin and Self Care. From Tropical Fruit infused Oils to Vanilla Bean and Coconut Skin Scrubs , We at La Bella Sage decree that we're the, " Blueprint of Beauty" We Focus on Self Worth, Health and Mindfulness while still providing Premium Plant-Based ingredients with Handmade Recipes made with Love and Sincerity.

Body Butters

Buttah Me Down

Body and Facial Masques

Masque on Masque Off

Self Love in a Bottle

Our product range features exciting, cruelty-free, and vegan-free products with innovative formulas and glamorous packaging that stand out with exceptionally gorgeous color results. It is a constantly evolving innovative beauty products brand dedicated to bringing you the best in cruelty-free cosmetics.

Oil Control + Detox = Free!

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800 E Rochambeau Suite F Box 219
Williamaburg, Virginia

Mon - Fri, 10am - 9pm
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